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Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

The lacrosse stick can also be referred to as a crosse or shaft; it is the primary piece of equipment on the field no matter what position you play. Because there is a wide selection of lacrosse sticks available, it is essential that you select the stick that fits you.

Choosing the right lacrosse stick

There are three different criteria to consider when choosing a lacrosse stick: material, shape, and grip.


  • Alloy lacrosse shafts are known for their unmatched feel and weight. They are the lightest shaft in the game and delivers great strength
  • Aluminum alloy offers a good strength to weight ratio and great for players of all positions, even goalies
  • Composite shafts are made from the highest grade carbon fiber for lightweight, reliable performance
  • Titanium shafts are know for their superior strength and are great for players who need a durable handle that can withstand the physical demands of the game

Attackers usually prefer lighter, rounder handles while other players like square shaped handles for a better feel.

Need to feel good in your hands, while still giving you full control. Some lacrosse shafts include built-in grips, texture, or tack areas on the surface.

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Picking the right stick length by position?

Prefer lacrosse sticks that are lighter and shorter allowing for more control and maneuverability.

Like to use a heavier, longer stick for a greater reach and more strength blocking attackers.

Have more of a choice when it comes to the lacrosse stick length. Most goalies prefer a lacrosse stick that is in between the attackers and defenders.

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Choosing a lacrosse head

There are many lacrosse heads to choose from so picking the right one can be tough. Using the correct lacrosse head with the right stick can make a huge impact on your game, giving you more control over the ball and accuracy on passes and your catches.

Most lacrosse heads are offset, curved or canted to allow for more ball control. Each lacrosse head is made up of a scoop, a sidewall and a throat area that attaches to the lacrosse shaft. Heads can be bought strung or unstrung.

Cant Lacrosse Head

  • The forward cant lacrosse head drops down at the throat of the stick, giving the player maximum feel and control when carrying the ball

Curved Lacrosse Head

  • The scoop and sidewalls of the lacrosse head gradually curves down at the throat of the stick, which generates power and accuracy on passes and shots

Offset Lacrosse Head

  • The offset lacrosse head drops down at the throat of the stick, giving the player maximum feel and control when carrying the ball

Onset Lacrosse Head

  • The onset lacrosse head extends straight on out from the handle, and is used mainly by beginners who are learning the basic fundamentals and skills of the game

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Buying the right pocket for your lacrosse stick

Lacrosse sticks come with either a mesh pocket for the novice players or a traditional woven pocket for the more experienced players.


  • Made of nylon webbing woven into the sides of the pocket and require little or no adjustments
  • The mesh pocket is looser and provides better ball control and handling
  • The looser weave provides a deeper pocket and is preferred by goalies
  • Requires less maintenance


  • Traditional pockets have been around the longest
  • Consists of nylon weave lacing that is attached to four adjustable leather strips
  • The leather strips can be adjusted to most playing styles, as well as the desired pocket depth

Pocket depth

  • Pocket depth is usually the preference and playing style of the player
  • Deeper pockets provide you with more feel and ball control
  • Shollower pockets give you less ball control but a quicker release

Shooting strings

  • The shooting strings are positioned horizontally across the top of the stick and adjusted to create either a smooth or abrupt release

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Lacrosse Sticks and Shafts

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